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A Note of Encouragement

A Note of Encouragement

by Dr. Robert Nix

Estimated Time to Read: 1.5 Minutes

Anyone reading this most certainly has faced difficult situations at one time or another. Sometimes the things that happen to us are unexplainable and leave us hurt and confused. We desire to serve God and yet find ourselves suffering through the trials and tribulations of life. While I do not want to make light of whatever difficulty you have faced or are facing, it is important to be reminded that God is working even though we may not see it at the time.

The following verses are taken from Philippians 1, where the Apostle Paul finds himself under house arrest in Rome. You may remember that to get to Rome Paul spent over 2 years incarcerated in Caesarea until he appealed to Caesar. Then on his trip to Rome as a prisoner, he was shipwrecked, and bitten by a snake (Acts 23-28). Notice how Paul describes his present situation in Rome.

As a result of the trials and difficulties that Paul had experienced, Paul identified three ways God was working in them:

  1. First, the gospel of God’s grace was spreading.
  2. Second, the palace guard, and others witnessed Paul’s testimony and commitment to Christ.
  3. Finally, other incarcerated believers became bold in Christ because of Paul’s presence and ministry.  

You see God was at work even in times of difficulty. Guess what? The same can be said about your life and mine. God is working in all situations to bring honor and glory to Himself. We must put our trust in Him when difficulties come our way knowing that God knows what we are going through and wants us to put our full trust in Him. 

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