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Transfer Credits


Transfer Credits

Berean Bible Institute retains the right to either accept or decline degrees or credits from other schools based on criteria set by BBI. Earned credit hours from other schools will be evaluated from official transcripts. Students may receive full credit for general education credits or equivalent courses in ministry or biblical studies only if the course content meets the standards of BBI’s program and a grade of “C” or better has been achieved.

The maximum number of transfer credit hours allowed per program are as follows:

  • 15 hrs. of Bible/ministry credits towards the Certificate of Basic Bible Studies.
  • 30 hrs. of general education toward the Associates of Biblical Foundations.
  • 30 hrs. of Bible/ministry credits towards the Associates of Biblical Studies.
  • 60 hrs. of Bible/ministry credits towards the Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies.
  • 60 hrs. of Bible/ministry credits and 30 hrs. of general education credits toward the Bachelor of Ministry.

Transcript Service

Berean Bible Institute maintains a permanent record of each student’s history, which includes the dates of attendance, courses taken, grades earned, and certificates and/or diplomas awarded. One transcript of a student’s record will be issued without charge. There will be a $5.00 fee for any additional transcripts that are issued. No official transcripts will be issued without a written and signed request by the student. A request by fax with a signature is acceptable, email is not. Transcripts will not be issued until all fees and tuition have been paid.

Like Berean Bible Institute, other academic institutions exercise the right to either accept or decline degrees or credits based on their own standards, thus BBI makes no guarantee that credits or degrees earned through the Institute will be accepted by other institutions of higher learning. However, because of maintaining a thorough and rigorous program of study, credits from BBI have been accepted by other institutions and colleges in the past on a case by case basis. We recommend students who wish to transfer credits in the future contact other academic institutions they are considering to ensure transferability of BBI credits.


Transfer Credits

Advanced Standing

Credit by Evaluation

Berean Bible Institute recognizes that a great deal of learning takes place through life experience outside of the formal classroom. In light of this fact it is the belief of BBI that individuals who have obtained knowledge and ministry skills through full-time Christian work should be able to obtain credit for their experience. Determination for life experience credits will be by evaluation of a detailed resume and as much sustaining evidence as possible.

Applicants must have a minimum of three years full-time ministry experience and may also be required to take a Bible content exam and complete a doctrinal questionnaire prepared by BBI. As much as 3 credit hours per year of full-time ministry may be awarded with a maximum of 30 credit hours being given towards the Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies or Bachelor of Ministry; 30 credit hours towards the Associate of Biblical Studies; and 15 credit hours towards the Certificate of Basic Bible Studies. A combination of transfer and life experience credits may not exceed the maximum allowed for either method of accruing credit towards a certificate, diploma or degree.

A $25.00 evaluation fee is required when applying for life experience credits, and a $35.00 tuition fee will be charged for each credit hour awarded. These credits will be assigned a “C.E.” (credit by evaluation) grade which will not affect the students grade point average. To receive credit by evaluation, formal application must be made to Berean Bible Institute.

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