BABQ (September 2023)

The Berean Bible Institute publishes two recurring resources.  The BBI Bulletin is published quarterly with the BABQ being published the remaining 8 months of the year.  

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In This Final Edition of Bible Answers to Bible Questions:

Editor’s Note:

The desire to be stewards of what God has entrusted to us means we are sometimes faced with difficult decisions. Such is the case with the decision to suspend the printing of the BBI’s Bible Answers to Bible Questions. We know this small periodical has spurred many people to study the Word as it gave Scriptural answers to questions on the minds of many of us. Rest assured, we will not stop answering questions; we are planning to use the quarterly BBI Bulletin to include a “Bible Answers to Bible Questions” section.

Of course, we encourage you to always be searching the Scriptures in order to be a workman fully equipped to serve our Lord and Savior. Since this resource sprung from the heart and mind of Dr. W. Edward Bedore, we can think of no better way to use this issue than to use the space to include a questions answered by Dr. Bedore as he was preparing his upcoming theology book, which is currently in the proofreading and layout stage.

First, allow me to say thank you for your interest and support throughout the year, and we’ll see you next month for the BBI Bulletin!

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