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Congratulations to Missionary Alvaro Barrantes!


At Berean Bible Institute, we are proud of all of our students. We recognize the many challenges and difficulties they face as they balance their studies, family and personal lives, work and active ministry endeavors. Amidst the daily struggle of study and life, we pray for our students. Equally so, during times of joy and victory – we rejoice with our students.

Today, we celebrate current student and Missionary Alvaro Barrantes who recently received a Certificate in Dispensational Studies (Cert. DS) from Berean Bible Institute. This certificate program magnifies the dispensation of the grace of God as revealed to and through the Apostle Paul. It offers foundational truths for gaining a practical understanding of God’s Word and His plans for His church in this current age of Grace.

Regarding his preparation at BBI, Alvaro states:

“BBI studies fit because we are now more prepared to teach grace doctrines to our students, disciples and church service attendees. Most of the people here (in Panama) haven’t had any experience in regard to basic doctrines, but especially grace doctrines. I have been able to talk to others based on what I have learned at BBI.”

Alvaro Barrantes, BBI Student and GMI Missionary to Panama has recently earned a Certificate of Dispensational Studies at Berean Bible Institute.

Exciting News from Panama

Alvaro and his family are pioneering a new grace work in Chiriquí, Panama where they are currently involved in church planting ministries, discipleship and evangelism. Recently, the Lord has blessed them with some wonderful opportunities and encouraging victories in their ministry.

Upon arrival in the country, the Barrantes family befriended a local family in their town. Alvaro recounts a glorious praise regarding the mother of the family:

“After a year of studying the Pauline Epistles, this woman is always witnessing and declaring how the Gospel has changed her life and how she can now clearly see what she was taught in the past. She is a new believer by the grace of God!”

Isn’t it marvelous to witness the God of Calvary performing miraculous transformation by His grace in hearts and lives around the world? What an amazing opportunity that Alvaro has had to directly apply the understanding he’s gained through his studies at BBI! We are thankful for God’s working through Alvaro and his family.

Join Us In Prayer

We encourage you to join us in praying for all of BBI’s students and alumni. Specifically, we invite you to pray for Alvaro and his family (pictured below) as they settle into their new life on the mission field.

Alvaro also shares the following specific, prayer request:

“Every Saturday, we have been working with a wonderful (and growing) group of children in our neighborhood. We are praying that their parents will want to come to see where their children are gathering, who the people are that have been teaching the Bible to their children as well as having the chance to engage with some of the other church ministries.”

Make the Connection

Would you like to learn more about the Barrantes family and all God is doing through them? Visit their missionary support page through their sponsoring mission, GMI, here. From there, you may view their current missionary support letter, send an encouraging, personal message to them via email and even financially support them in their ministry. We encourage you to reach out and connect!

As you’ve read this testimony, has your spirit been stirred and awakened to God’s working in your own life? Would you like to be used of God in greater ways? Do you desire to gain greater understanding of God’s plans and purposes through His Word for His children today so that you can more confidently reach others with the message of God’s grace?

Click on the photo above to connect with the Barrantes family through their missionary support page.

Start Today

Learn more about the Certificate of Dispensational Studies that Alvaro has completed and is using daily in his ministry by clicking here. or on the photo below.

Click on the photo above to learn more about the Certificate of Dispensational Studies that Berean Bible Institute offers.

One of the included courses in this certificate program which Alvaro mentioned is Basic Bible Doctrines. While this course can be taken at any time through our self-directed program, we also periodically offer it in our virtual, instructor-led format where students log into an online, weekly classroom for 8 weeks. This flexible class format allows students to connect with their instructors and others students in deep, meaningful ways. This weekly discipline strengthens their learning, understanding and spiritual growth. Click on the photo below to register for this or any of our virtual, instructor-led courses in our upcoming second term of the fall semester.

As always, we are always just a phone call or email away to help you get started on your journey towards a deeper walk with God and a greater, more effective ministry for His glory and grace.

Call: (262) 644 – 5504 (Monday through Thursday, 9AM-5PM, CST)


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