BBI Bulletin (Summer 2024)

The Berean Bible Institute publishes The BBI Bulletin quarterly.   It contains news and updates about the school while featuring multiple Bible study articles featuring our dedicated faculty.

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Updated Publication Format

We are delighted to share our latest digital publication, the Summer Edition of The BBI Bulletin, again in an updated, engaging format.  It holds all of the same features you have grown to love and a few new ones that we believe you will grow to quickly appreciate.

The newest digital copy of The BBI Bulletin looks and feels very similar to our print edition.  Not only do you now have the opportunity to flip the pages like a traditional booklet, but your Bulletin now comes alive!

Be on the lookout for numerous links to various pages within the Bulletin itself as well as key information from our website.  At any point, you can click on the cloud icon to download your own copy (a PDF  – just like you always have).  You also have the option to quickly and easily print a copy as you wish, simply by clicking the printer icon.   Take it easy on your eyes and make it full screen as well by clicking on the “4 corners” icon.  That’s our recommendation. Check out our quick and easy tips for viewing in the photo below.  

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