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Faculty Tributes to Dr. Bedore (Nix)

Dr. Ed Bedore: A Man of God and a Man of the Word 

by Dr. Robert Nix

Estimated Time to Read: 1.25 Minutes

In 2005, while I was pastoring Hilltop Bible Church in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, I received a call from Dr. Ed Bedore. He asked if I would be willing to drive up and teach a couple of courses at Berean Bible Institute (BBI). I was honored and eagerly accepted the opportunity. Little did I know that this decision would change the direction of my life and ministry. After about a year of teaching part-time, Ed asked if I would consider teaching full-time at the Institute. 

Working for Ed Bedore was truly a blessing. Over the years, my respect for him and his approach to the Scriptures grew exponentially. He was a man of God, guided not by opinion or status, but by the teachings of the Word. His love for the Lord and His Word was evident to all who knew him. Ed was a “straight shooter,” and if he thought you were in error according to the Scriptures, he would let you know and show you why the Scriptures taught otherwise. 

Ed was also highly organized and used this gift to create the structure for Berean Bible Institute. He was a prolific writer with a passion for making the Word come alive on the printed page. He wrote several books, booklets, and countless articles. Both Ed and Linda Bedore are perfect examples of individuals gifted by God to carry out His will so that others may grow in their walk with Him. It was truly an honor to work for and with Dr. Ed Bedore. At Berean Bible Institute we are committed to seeing Dr. Bedore’s legacy and vision continue until the Lord returns. 

Dr. Bedore’s Wife, Linda, a longtime friend and employee of BBI, has asked for donations in memoriam to be given to support Berean Bible Institute!

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