The Fear of Failure by Pastor Dan Wolgast (Online Chapel – April 8, 2021)

Berean Bible Institute is grateful for the opportunity to share challenging, faith-deepening and ministry-building messages through our Online Chapel series.  This resource is designed to meet the spiritual needs of our students as well as our alumni, those actively serving in ministry and all of our supporters – in other words, it’s got something for everyone!

Online chapel is held weekly during the Fall and Spring academic semesters.  It is offered below in both video, as well as podcast formats to best support your listening needs. 


The Fear of Failure by Pastor Dan Wolgast

(Online Chapel – April 8, 2021)

The semester is rapidly moving forward. Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Are you experiencing the struggle of feeling inadequate as you apply yourself in your studies and assignments? Pastor Dan Wolgast, Dean of Students at BBI, speaks to our victory over “the Fear of Failure.”



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