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From the President’s Desk | February 2023

From the President's Desk
This article originally appeared in the 2023 February Edition of “The BABQ” available for free download here.

From the President’s Desk

by Dr. Robert Nix, President

Estimated Time to Read: 3 Minutes

Dear BBI Friends and Partners,

By the time you read this, we will be “waist-deep” into our first term of courses. I am encouraged to report that we currently have more students taking classes now than we ever have at this time of year. Coming on the heels of Christmas and the holiday season, we usually have fewer students taking courses at the beginning of the year. We praise the Lord for all of our students who are stepping out in faith to train for the Lord’s service. As we look toward the coming months, I want to share several praises and prayer requests with you.


• We praise the Lord that we continue to grow in the number of students training for ministry. We are on track to have the most students in the history of BBI.

• We praise the Lord for a dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to our mission to train pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

• We praise the Lord for our alumni who are serving the Lord all over the world.

• We praise the Lord for our partners who support BBI financially. (We receive no money from the government or any type of student loan payments, so it is essential that we have dedicated partners who believe in our mission.)

• We praise the Lord for technology that enables us to offer courses and training all around the world.

• We praise the Lord for our Brazilian extension and the Lord’s working through BBI Brazil to train more and more students for the ministry.

Prayer Requests

• Please pray for the financial needs of BBI. We praise the Lord for our growing student body. However, with our growth, our costs also increase. The more students we have training for ministry, the more resources it takes to operate Berean Bible Institute.

• Please also pray for my travel as president. I am blessed to represent BBI in a number of churches and conferences throughout the year. It is actually a part of my job as president that I love. It’s exciting to share what God is doing through BBI. But to be honest, it takes resources to travel, and at times I have to limit my travel because resources are not available.

• Please pray for our students who are currently serving the Lord. At our last count, about 75% of our current student body is involved in some type of ministry.

• Please pray for wisdom in hiring support staff to serve in our office. Again, as we grow, our administrative needs increase as well.

• Please pray for our faculty and staff who are dedicated to seeing BBI impact the world with the gospel of God’s amazing grace.

• Please pray for more partners like yourselves who believe in the mission of BBI and are willing to stand with us through prayer and financial support.

In all of our prayers and praises, we know that God is working, and we praise the Lord for the honor of serving Him.

We serve a risen Savior,

Dr. Robert E. Nix

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