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From the President’s Desk | June 2023

From the President's Desk
This article originally appeared in the 2023 June Edition of “The BABQ” available for free download here.

From the President’s Desk

by Dr. Robert Nix, President

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Since April, I have had the privilege of preaching and sharing the mission of Berean Bible Institute with churches in Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia, and Minnesota. With each opportunity I am given comes the blessing of meeting new people and hearing how much there is a need for a school like Berean Bible Institute. When I represent BBI I always try to include three things. First, I share our mission to train pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel of the Grace of God given to and through the Apostle Paul. I do this because people must understand who we are and why we exist. This helps those who desire to train for ministry and personal growth to understand our purpose and focus. It also helps those who believe that God wants them to use their God-given resources to determine if they should partner with BBI financially.

The second thing I stress is that God wants all of us to continue to grow. While it is true that we are an institute that trains pastors, missionaries, and leaders, ministry takes on all forms, and we need to continue to grow and prepare for whatever opportunity comes our way. BBI is blessed to have students that are moving toward the pastorate and missions, as well as students who desire to deepen their understanding of God’s Word.

The final thing I share about BBI is that we need those who believe in our mission to pray for us and consider supporting BBI financially. BBI was founded with the idea that in order to keep our tuition low, we would need to receive support from partners who believe in our mission. We do not take money from any government entity, and there are few schools out there that believe and teach the scriptures focusing on God’s message of Grace given to and through the Apostle Paul. So, with that in mind, I share and challenge those I meet to prayerfully consider financially supporting Berean Bible Institute as we train our students to proclaim the gospel of Grace throughout the world.

As I close, I would especially like to thank our students who have decided that they want to be better prepared for whatever God has in store for them. I also want to thank our partners who are supporting BBI and making it possible for us to train pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders who will proclaim the Gospel of God’s majestic Grace.

In His Grace,

Dr. Robert E. Nix

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