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From the President’s Desk | May 2023

From the President's Desk
This article originally appeared in the 2023 May Edition of “The BABQ” available for free download here.

From the President’s Desk

by Dr. Robert Nix, President

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A Global Impact

Berean Bible Institute has been training pastors, missionaries, and leaders for twenty-seven years. When BBI was founded, the stated purpose was to provide a Bible institute that would focus exclusively on training and preparing pastors, missionaries, and leaders who would proclaim the Gospel of the Grace of God. We praise the Lord that our alumni are already serving in ministry all around the world. We also praise the Lord because we continue to fulfill our purpose and mission.

Currently, we are training students in twelve countries, including the United States. Over the years, we have seen the need to adapt to those who desire to train for ministry but are outside the traveling range of our physical facilities, so we stepped out in faith by creating a platform to provide needed ministry training that can be done from almost anywhere in the world. We are honored to be used by the Lord to train leaders who are making a global impact for the Lord Jesus Christ, and we most certainly could not do it without the financial support of those who believe in our mission. If you believe in the mission of Berean Bible Institute, I would like to ask you to consider joining our team and support what God is doing through BBI.

A New BBI Board Member

I want to announce the addition of a new member to the Berean Bible Institute Board of Directors. At our last meeting, the BBI board unanimously decided to invite Mr. Randy Wiskirchen to join the BBI Board of Directors. Randy is currently President of the Kettle Moraine Bible Church Board of Elders where he has served for over 21 years. Randy and his wife Penni are alumni of BBI and are parents to four adult children and nine grandchildren. Randy was a business owner and does consulting work for Christian ministries.

Have You Considered Training for Ministry?

Today we see young people pursuing all sorts of occupations. When is the last time a parent or a godly adult encouraged or challenged a young person to pray about going into the pastorate or serving as a missionary? From time to time, I am asked why BBI is not producing more pastors and missionaries. To be honest, we are training more individuals who are preparing for ministry than we ever have. However, more must be done to encourage both young and not-so-young to prayerfully consider going into the ministry. The local church is God’s fertile soil and serves as a wonderful environment whereby those attending can begin to discover their gifts and use them to serve the Lord. BBI stands ready to help prepare those whom God leads into the ministry so that they might fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

Congratulations are in Order!

We would like to congratulate Pastor Kevin Craesmeyer on being called to the pastorate at Preakness Bible Church in Wayne, New Jersey. Pastor Kevin and his wife Beatriz have three daughters as well as a boy on the way. Pastor Kevin continues to take courses at BBI while serving in this historic Grace Church. We praise the Lord for our students who faithfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ and boldly proclaim the Gospel of God’s magnificent grace. Please keep Pastor Kevin, Beatriz, and their family in your prayers as they diligently serve the Lord at Preakness Bible Church.

Dr. Robert E. Nix

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