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From the President’s Desk | September 2022

From the President's Desk
This article originally appeared in the 2022 September Edition of “The BABQ” available for free download here.

From the President’s Desk

by Dr. Robert Nix, President

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Whenever I am representing Berean Bible Institute at a church or conference, I usually begin by stating our mission. I do this because I want everyone to be clear on why we exist. And just in case you were wondering, “the mission of Berean Bible Institute is to train pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and the proclamation of the gospel of the grace of God given to and through the Apostle Paul.”

Another reason why our mission is important is that it also serves as a measuring instrument to determine whether or not we are fulfilling our purpose. In other words, to determine if we are fulfilling our mission, we are constantly asking the question, “are we training pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel of the Grace of God given to and through the Apostle Paul?”

I am blessed to report that we are fulfilling our mission. Recently we received news that five of our students taking courses through our Brazilian extension will receive their Certificates in Dispensational Studies.

In a recent analysis of student ministry involvement, it was determined that, while some take courses for personal growth and biblical knowledge, almost seventy-four percent of our student body is either currently leading some type of ministry or actively training for a specific ministry.

Some of the ministries our students are currently involved in are pastoral ministry, missions ministry, youth ministry, church board leadership, Bible study leadership, radio ministry, women’s ministry, prison ministry, and juvenile detention ministry.

Current Students in Ministry Leadership with pie chart showing nearly 74% of students

With this in mind, please keep BBI and our students in your prayers. Because of your partnership with BBI through prayer and financial support, you too play a vital role in seeing pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders trained to proclaim the gospel of God’s matchless grace.

In closing, if you are not already supporting BBI through your prayers and financial support, I want to challenge you to consider joining us in moving our mission forward for the cause of Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel of the Grace of God.

Serving Together,

Dr. Robert E. Nix

Berean Bible Institute seal reading rightly dividing the word of truth, training for ministry, est. 1996. Educate, Equip, Expose, Encourage.
Your prayers and support keep us succeeding in our mission; thank you!

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