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State of the Institute (November 2023)

State of the Institute

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Dear Friends of Berean Bible Institute,

Over 25 years ago Berean Bible Institute was founded with the distinct purpose of training Pastors, Missionaries, and Christian Leaders for the Grace Movement. It is my honor to report that we have not wavered from the purpose for which we were founded. Currently, we are nearing 100 students from 12 countries including the United States.

A New Theology Book by Dr. Ed Bedore

We are both excited and honored to let you know about a new project that is in the works. As a result of many years of study and teaching, we are blessed to have a completed manuscript for a new grace theology book from Dr. Ed Bedore. Upon completion, this book will be somewhere between five hundred and six hundred pages in length. We are beginning the proofreading phase of this project, so it will be a while before we are ready to go to print. Please keep this project in your prayers. You will hear more from us in the coming months as to the progress made on this amazing project, and when it will be available.

A Ministry Training Institute for Global Leaders

We praise the Lord for the cooperative efforts made between Berean Bible Institute and several Grace mission organizations to provide training for both missionaries and national leaders who are currently serving on the mission field. Because of our distance studies model, we can provide opportunities for those who are in other countries to receive ministry training from Berean Bible Institute. We have had several receive their Certificate in Dispensational Studies, and in the last year, we have had our first student receive his Associate in Biblical Studies degree from BBI.

An Uncomfortable Situation

This past August, the Berean Bible Institute Board of Directors encountered something that they had never had to address before. In August the Board of Directors voted to make significant across-the-board cuts to the salaries of our faculty and staff as well as strategic cuts in our budget. These difficult decisions were made to ensure that BBI would continue to offer the needed training of Pastors, Missionaries, and Christian leaders for the grace movement. While all of us are feeling the impact of the reduction in pay and budget cuts, we are committed to seeing the ministry of Berean Bible Institute continue well into the future. Please pray for our faculty and staff as we endeavor to do more with less.

Consider a Year-End Gift to BBI

The idea of partnership speaks of agreement and working together for a common goal. At BBI, we use this word often because we consider all who support BBI through prayer and financial means our partners. Those who support BBI are those who both agree with our mission and are working with us to see more and more students trained for ministry. But to be honest, as we continue to grow in students, we must continue to grow in partners and resources to support our growth. As we come to the end of 2023, I want to encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting the ministry of Berean Bible Institute through a year-end gift.

Partnering Together for the Furtherance of the Gospel of Grace,

Dr. Robert E. Nix, President

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