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The Institute Update – Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Institute Update
This article originally appeared in the 2023 Spring Edition of “The BBI Bulletin” available for free download here.

The Institute Update

by Dr. Robert E. Nix, President

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Congratulations are in Order!

One of the many joys of serving at Berean Bible Institute is when our students meet their educational goals at BBI. Over the past several months, the following students have received either a certificate or degree from BBI. Please rejoice with us as we celebrate their accomplishments.

• Sophia Johnson – Certificate in Dispensational Studies

• Julia Liles-Hong – Certificate in Dispensational Studies

• Dr. Michael Poulsen – Certificate in Biblical Worldview

• Dr. Thomas Schwartz – Associate Degree in Biblical Studies

We are proud of these students and recognize the dedication and effort it takes to complete a certificate or degree from BBI.

Israel Trip Moved to May of 2024

As a result of scheduling and other unforeseen issues in traveling to Israel in May of 2023, we have decided to move our trip to May 2024. We continue to believe that this is a worthwhile experience and are encouraged to have almost half of our group already signed up for the trip. Our dates for the 2024 trip will be May 13- 23. We are currently working to have an updated brochure completed soon. We hope you will join us in traveling to many of the places you have read about in the Scriptures. One change that we are excited to announce is that we have been able to schedule another night at a hotel whose property is on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

If You Believe in the Mission

Over the past couple of years, we have grown significantly. We have students from many different nations and have even started offering courses in Brazil. We are also seeing an increase in students from the states taking courses for the first time. As you know our Mission is to train Pastors, Missionaries, and Christian Leaders for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel of the grace of God given to and through the Apostle Paul. If you believe in our mission, I would like to ask that you consider financially supporting BBI on a regular basis. As we grow, more resources are needed to continue to train students for the ministry.

Administrative Specialist Position on Hold

Over the past several months we have shared with you that we were looking to hire an Administrative Specialist to work in our Marketing and Academic departments. During the January meeting of our Board of Directors, it was decided to postpone hiring for this position. As a ministry that relies on the support and partnership of those who believe in our mission, we can only move forward if the resources are available. Please keep us in your prayers as this position is needed to assist us in managing our growth.

Leaving a Legacy

Over the years BBI has been funded primarily by the monthly gifts of individuals and churches that see the need for an institute with the goal to train students to be leaders in the Grace Movement. Since the founding of Berean Bible Institute in 1996, we have, on occasion, been blessed with various estate gifts. It has been the desire of these donors to see BBI continue to train leaders for the Grace Movement long after they have gone to be with the Lord. We want to ask that you prayerfully consider BBI as you plan. Please note that there are also various Trusts and/or Charitable Annuities that may allow one to give and receive some tax benefits through their giving. If you have any questions about this process or need more information about Berean Bible Institute don’t hesitate to call us, or check with your personal financial advisor.

Dr. Robert E. Nix

Berean Bible Institute: (262) 644-5504

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