Interactive Lecture

Below is an interactive lecture explaining the basics of the academic writing process.  Please note, the original video below was not produced by Berean Bible Institute*.  However, the interactive activities and lecture material included within it have been created by BBI Faculty.  Please note several technical features of the lecture to help you have the greatest learning experience possible:

    • Press Play to begin. 
    • Answer/Complete all onscreen prompts and activities as they appear.
    • You are unable to fast-forward or skip through this lecture.
    • You can rewind the lecture 10 seconds at a time by clicking the rewind-clock icon beside the play button. 
    • Pause the video (as needed) and take notes as you listen.  You will need them as a reference when completing the interactive portions of the activity.  
*The use of any resource (written, video or audio) in any course does not mean that Berean Bible Institute is in agreement with it in its entirety. 

A Few Clarifications

In the lecture below, you will hear the term “essay” used frequently.  While this is a specific application of writing, know that the general writing process is similar for all types of academic writing.  The essay (as described below) most closely aligns with a frequent BBI assignment: topical paper.  

The video also references the need for citation.  This is an essential component of academic writing.  Berean Bible Institute uses the Turabian method of citation.  Please see the Distance Studies Handbook for further documentation and instruction on how to properly cite. 



Writing Activity

Now, let’s practice what you just learned.   This Pre-Writing Activities Checklist can be used as a tool when writing any paper.  It will assist and guide you in determining a topic, a writing style,  thesis statement, supporting Scriptures, and other research-based sources along with your paper’s main points and outline.   

Be certain to follow the in-activity instructions and links for submitting your assignment through email