Financial Costs

Tuition Rates

Tuition costs and fees are subject to change without prior notification. 


Textbooks and all required course materials are dependent upon course enrollment and are highly variable based upon the resources the student may already own or have access to.   Upon enrollment in each course, the registrar will assist students in securing all required materials and books. 


Financial Assistance

Available Discounts

Married Students

When a husband and wife are both enrolled as students together, tuition is waived for the spouse taking the fewest credit hours.  The spouse must apply for and be accepted as a student and pay all associated fees in order to enroll.  The spouses do not have to take the same courses. 


Select Certificate Programs (Paid in Full) 

A special discount of 35% off of tuition is available for students who enroll in and pay in full for the entire Certificate of Dispensational Studies (CDS) or Certificate of Biblical Worldview (CBW) programs.  


NOTE: Students may receive only one discount.  The greatest of applicable discounts will be applied.  Contact the registrar during registration and enrollment for all questions.  




General Scholarship Fund

BBI has established a fund to help students with their expenses.  This scholarship fund is supported by the gifts of faithful brethren who have a desire to help BBI students with their schooling. The registrar will guide all students through the enrollment process, ensuring that all students receive all available and applicable scholarship funds. 

GMI or TCM Missionary Candidate Sponsorship

BBI desires to assist global ministries in preparing men and women to serve the Lord on the foreign field.  Our goal is to provide solid, systematic and ministry-specific training for those who desire to train for mission ministry.  Students who are endorsed by either Grace Ministries International (GMI) or Things to Come Mission (TCM) will receive a 25% reduction in tuition costs. If either mission organization is paying for education costs, no letter of endorsement is required.  If the student is responsible for tuition, a letter of endorsement from the mission is required.  Contact the registrar for all questions. 

National Pastors and Leaders Scholarship Program

This program is designed to help pastors and national leaders receive biblical and ministry training from BBI who could not otherwise afford the training costs.  BBI will assist Grace Ministries International (GMI), Things to Come Mission (TCM), Word of Grace Mission (WGM) and Grace Beyond Borders International, by providing training at a significantly reduced rate for national pastors and leaders from countries who have a per capita income of less than $10,000 according to The World Bank statistics of 2016.  

For students receiving this scholarship, each course will only cost $70 and includes the books/postage required to mail the student all course resources.  Students are additionally responsible for the $25 application fee along with the costs of sending course assignments (if not done digitally).  Students must receive a letter of reference from their mission in order to be eligible for this program. 

Other Information

Refund Policy

A student who withdraws from courses through notification after the start of the semester term is eligible for a refund of tuition only, according to the following scale:

  • First Week of Withdrawal (90% tuition refunded)
  • Second Week of Withdrawal (75% tuition refunded)
  • Third Week of Withdrawal (50% tuition refunded)
  • Fourth week and beyond of Withdrawal (0% tuition refunded)

Student Loans

BBI discourages students from accumulating unsecured debt, even for so noble a cause as learning to teach and preach the Bible.  Students may seek sponsorship and/or support by family, Christian friends or their local church to help with their school expenses. 

Student Housing

BBI has nor dormitory or housing facilities. Any resident (on-campus) student is responsible for his or her own housing in the vicinity of West Bend, Wisconsin.  However, BBI works with local housing providers that typically have housing facilities available.  Students seeking housing should contact BBI for more information on potential local housing opportunities. 

Student Employment

Resident students may find it necessary to work part-time while attending BBI on campus.  The area affords a variety of employment opportunities.  BBI will try to assist if employment is needed, however the student must assume responsibility for his or her own employment. 

Student Living Expenses

The cost of all other living expenses such as food, clothing, transportation, medical, etc., is the responsibility of each student.